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Hi there! My name is Ness, and I tutor Physics, Statistics, Calculus and Mathematics. 

In 2023, I graduated high-school from Ao Tawhiti - a school that emphasises student-to-student mentoring, and active co-learning. I am excellence-endorsed at NCEA level 2 and 3 (passing two years early), and I have a wide range of excellence grades in statistics, physics, and calculus. In my final year of high-school I completed a paper in economics at UC, getting an A. 

Currently I am working towards a Bachelor of Science at UC, majoring in Financial Engineering. Financial engineering combines a heavy amount of mathematics, computer science and statistics, with a bit of financial and economic theory - all things that I am very interested in! 

I am very passionate about music, and play guitar. I frequently do gigs at many different venues around Christchurch. In 2023 I won the award for the most outstanding guitarist at Ara’s Jazzquest competition. I also love cooking and playing chess. 

I am excited to hear from you soon! 

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