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Hi! I’m Louie, and I tutor English, history, economics and chemistry. I’m a second-year law and commerce student at the University of Canterbury.

Throughout my years of school and university study, I have always taken pride in my academic performance. I have received excellence endorsements at NCEA levels 1, 2 and 3, a range of excellence subject endorsements, and NZQA scholarship awards in history and English. In 2021, the University of Canterbury awarded me the Hiranga Scholarship for Academic Excellence, and the Law and Business First Year Award for Excellence. At university, I’ve continued to pursue economics alongside law, to great success: in 2022, I placed first in class for 100-level macroeconomics, and received the top overall 100-level excellence prize in economics.

Outside of study, I compete in running events and adventure races. I also enjoy music, photography, writing, and watching (far too many) movies.

As a tutor, I aim to give you the confidence, skills and understanding necessary to excel in assessments and achieve your goals, as well as a fun and rewarding tutoring experience. I am extremely passionate about all the subjects I tutor, and love the opportunity to share this passion with others.

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