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  • Personalised Spanish tutoring in Christchurch - one-on-one or in small groups
  • Spanish tuition for all levels -  secondary (Year 9, Year 10, NCEA & IB) and adult students
  • Expert Spanish tutors - high achieving, excellent communicators with a passion for learning
  • Choice of Spanish tuition plans - select your desired level of guidance, including progress reports
  • Convenient Christchurch locations - private home tutoring or at a convenient local library

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About Spanish

Spanish is about learning the language of Spain and the other countries which speak it.




Spanish is usually thought to be the world's second-most widely spoken native language, following Mandarin Chinese. The language originated in Spain, in the Castile region in the 13th Century. From the 16th Century onwards, the Spanish language spread with the growing Spanish Empire, particularly to South America.and today has hundreds of millions of native speakers in Spain and Latin America.

 Studying Spanish will give students the ability to understand and take part in changes occuring at an economic and political level, even in the remotest places in Latin America.

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NCEA Spanish

Level 1
Students taking Spanish at Level 1 will usually have already learnt Spanish during Years 9 & 10. In Level 1 Spanish, This course emphasises a student's personal experience. Students learn how to communicate about familiar situations and topics, including their family and friends, about home and school, holidays, geography and weather, and arranging social outings.
Students learn the language structures and features to be able to communicate in the present, past and future, as well as being able to provide reasons and express their opinion.

Level 2
Level 2 Spanish starts to focus more on the perspecitve of others, rather than the self, like Level 1 does. Students learn to provide and swap information ideas and opinions about familiar situations and topics with each other. Potential topics include making plans for future events and outings, understanding health and well-being, leisure, understadning about Spanish speaking communities outside Spain, as well as the latest cultural trends.

Level 3
This course places an emphasis on the world we live in and each student’s own place in it. Students learn even more about Spanish culture, and gain insight into different perspectives on a wide range of issues. The language skills of students will develop with greater complexity. They will learn to convey and exchange justified information, ideas and opinions in topics applicable to real-life situations. A range of topics relevant to today’s connected and techonological world are covered, such as issues with work and career, environmental concenrs, and media and technology.


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