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About Biology

The study of life and living organisms.




Biology is the scientific study of life. From our genetic code to ecosystems, plants to animals, biology studies a wide array of amazing phenomenons that are all around us. Despite Biology being such a broad field, there are certain unifying concepts that underlie it. Biology recognizes that the cell is the basic unit of life, genes are the basic unit of heredity, and evolution is the mechanism that drives the creation and extinction of species. Living organisms survive by transforming energy they obtain from their surroundings, into ATP energy needed for all cell reactions. They also maintain a natural internal stability called homeostasis, despite constant changes to their environment.

Although the specialist vocabulary required to be a confident biologist can be daunting, Biology teachers should support students in this area through explicit literacy skills training that helps develop confidence and general NCEA examination skills.

Biology is a diverse and important subject and its skills are used in so many different careers. We recommend students take this course if they are considering a career in Medicine, Agriculture, or to keep their options open, contemplating doing a Science degree at tertiary level.

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NCEA Biology

Level 1
Biology at this level covers a range of topics, many of which are great general knowledge. Most students will undertake a laboratory practical investigation, which will introduce them to the skills required for writing a full science report. Other topics include: the biology of mammals, focusing on the life processes of digestion, circulation and respiration; the biology of flowering plants; micro-organism life processes and how they affect humans. Other Biology topics taken at Level 1, such as DNA, genetics, and cell division processes are coered in the  general Science course.

Level 2
Biology at this level extends on the content from the general Science course. It is heavily focussed on learning about cells, particulary cell components the importannce of the cell proceses of photosynthesis and respiration. Other cell topics include genetic variation and gene expression, which look into the inheritance of genetic information and how genes interact with the enviroment to result in the appearance of living organisms. Animal adaptations relating to gas exchange are also commonly studied.

Level 3
Biology at this level moves from understanding the cell to a greater focus on whole animals and biological evolution. This includes topics such as, how animals maintain stable bodily functions via homeostatis, and the responses of plants and animal to their environment. The different evolutionary processes to form new species, as well as the history of human evolution are also studied. Students may also have the opportunity to research a socio-scientific issue, learn about scientific gene transfer methods in plants and animals, or undertake a practical investigation.

Biology with AHeadStart

"We have enjoyed Caitlin’s help and have been very impressed in how Caitlin managed to turn Ashlea around from failing to finishing within the top 3 of her Year 12 class. We really can’t thank Caitlin and AHeadStart enough."

Ashlea’s father Stephen
Year 12, Level 2 Biology & Chemistry


BIOLOGY Resources


All of the following book resources can be purchased at leading bookshops or the following websites:

ESA Publications Store:


ABA Resources:




Level 1
ESA Level 1 Biology Study Guide
ESA Level 1 Biology Learning Workbook
ESA Level 1 Biology AME Workbook

Nelson Cengage Biology in Focus Year 11 Student Book
Nelson Cengage Excellence in Biology NCEA Level 1

ABA Year 11 Biology Workbooks

SciPad Level 1 Biology Externals

Level 2
ESA Level 2 Biology Study Guide
ESA Level 2 Biology Learning Workbook
ESA Level 2 Biology AME Workbook

Nelson Cengage Biology in Focus Year 12 Student Book
Nelson Cengage Excellence in Biology NCEA Level 2
Nelson Cengage Biology Workbook NCEA Level 2
Nelson Cengage New Zealand Pathfinder Series: Biology Year 12

SciPad Level 2 Biology Externals

Biozone NCEA Level 2 Biology Internals & Externals
Biozone NCEA Level 2 Biology Revision

Level 3
ESA Level 3 Biology Study Guide
ESA Level 3 Biology Learning Workbook
ESA Level 3 Biology AME Workbook
ESA Level 3 Scholarship Biology AME Workbook

Nelson Cengage Excellence in Biology NCEA Level 3
Nelson Cengage Biology Workbook NCEA Level 3
Nelson Cengage New Zealand Pathfinder Series: Biology Year 13

SciPad Level 3 Biology Externals

Pearson Continuing Life Processes: Ecology and Evolution - NCEA Level 3

Biozone NCEA Level 3 Biology Internals & Externals

Year 11 NCEA Biology and Human Biology Study Guide (ESA Study Guides)

AME Year 11 Biology Workbook (ESA AME Workbooks)

Year 12 NCEA Biology Study Guide

Patterns of Life - NCEA Level 2

Patterns of Life Workbook: NCEA L2 Biology

Year 13 NCEA Biology Study Guide (ESA Study Guides)

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