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About Statistics

The collection and analysis of numerical data from a representative sample for the purpose of making inferences about a population.




Statistics is a branch of mathematics that has the aim of making inferences and forming conclusions about a population. The statistical process involves collecting and analysing numerical data from a representative sample. Statistics also includes the methodology for data collection and organisation, interpretation of the resultant data, as well as its form of presentation. The challenge of Statistics is applying the correct analysis procedure and accurately interpreting the results.

Statistics is useful to answer very important scientific, social and commercial questions  about a population. For example, the population might be  "all the people living in New Zealand", and the question might be "do males tend to earn more money than females?". It usually isn't possible to collect data from every New Zealander (except data collected through the Census), so instead a representative sample is taken. Representative sampling means that inferences and conclusions made about the sample, and then be assumed to be true about the population as a whole. This sort of study is called an obsevational study.

Experimental studies also make use of statistical analysis. The aim of these is to determine if the variable that is being tested has a statistically significant affect. For example, "does the volume of water a plant is given each day effect its height?". This involves taking measurements of the system in control conditions (no water), as well as in conditions where the variable is changed (different volumes of water each day), and then seeing if there is a difference between the control group compared to the rest.

Statistics at secondary school level also involves of the study of probability and probability distributions. These types of analyses are very useful to a whole range of different questions and populations.

Every student can benefit from taking Statistics as it is rapidly advancing and has application in a wide range of fields, including engineering, physics, biology, medicine, the social sciences, and economics.

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NCEA Statistics

Level 3
Statistics at Level 3 involves a extension of the concepts of probability and statistical analysis covered in Level 2. Statistical reports at this level give students an excellent opportunity to extend their report writing skills, including analysing data in context and thinking about how this should be best interpreted. The study of probability and probability distributions extends the concept of calculating and interpreting proportions correctly in order to make legitimate conclusions.

Statistics with AHeadStart

“Thanks Melanie. Kate is far more comfortable with Statistics after these sessions. I'm not going to think too much about that after years of private schooling! Thank you for your assistance Melanie, I am very pleased to have been able to call on you and your team of tutors.”

Kate’s mother Marie
Year 13, Statistics


Statistics Resources


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