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About Chemistry

The science which explores the composition, structure, and properties of matter, as well as reactions of chemical substances.




Chemistry is the science which explores elements (single atoms and molecules made from one type of atom) and compounds (molecules made of two or more types of atoms). Chemistry investigates how atoms and molecules interact to break and form bonds, resulting in the production of new chemical compounds.

Chemistry is sometimes called "the central science" because it is not only at the interface of both Physics and Biology, but it provides a foundation for understanding both basic and applied scientific disciplines at a fundamental level. Examples of subjects involving Chemistry and another disciplne include botany (plant chemistry), geology (the formation of igneous rocks), ecology (how ozone is formed in the atmosphere and how atmospheric pollutants are broken down), astrophysics (the properties of the soil on the moon), pharmacology (how medications work), and forensics (how to collect DNA evidence at a crime scene).

In any serious study of science, Chemistry is fundamental to the point that it is often described as the central science. As chemistry is all about us, and since we live in an age of chemistry-based technology, the range of careers that require chemical expertise is immense. 

Students wishing to keep their options open in the physical and natural sciences, should include Chemistry. It provides the basis for many key areas of study such as Health Sciences, Agriculture, Geology, Food Technology, Engineering, Textile Technology, Metallurgy, Polymer Science, Forensics and Materials Science. The economy of New Zealand is based largely on primary industry and chemistry plays a vital role in developing products and ensuring their market competitiveness. For this reason, chemists usually find no difficulty in finding employment.

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NCEA Chemistry

Level 1
In Level 1 Chemistry, an attempt is made to systematise chemical information on the basis of the Periodic Table and a great deal of reaction chemistry is introduced. Patterns in the behaviour and properties of groups of related substances are stressed in terms of non-metal chemistry, metal chemistry and organic chemistry. The chemical concepts learned in Year 9 and 10 form a platform for the Year 11 course. Students will be engaged in wide range of practical tasks designed to develop and reinforce a deeper understanding of the ways in which chemical species react together. Example tasks include investigating chemical reaction rates, methods of testing for chemical substances, the properties of carbon compounds, reactions of chemical elements, and displacement reactions between metals. The course introduces students to many interesting topics relevant to senior Chemistry and the sound grounding in reaction chemistry given to those who wish to further their study of Chemistry is highly beneficial.

Level 2
The Level 2 Chemistry course includes study of the underlying principles in the behaviour of many common substances, solutions, solids, energy, oxidation-reduction reactions, analytical work and organic chemistry. Patterns of behaviour and the understanding of principles are emphasised to a greater extent than recall of knowledge. Students take on a greater role in chemical investigations in this course, with the introduction of specialist laboratory equipment and practical based assessment tasks. Students will learn a variety of techniques for measuring and testing chemical substances to develop a holistic understanding of chemical systems at a deeper level. Practical  demonstrations and experiments are explored on a frequent basis throughout the course.
Students with a leaning towards practical and descriptive science can do well at this level, with
skills in Mathematics being an added advantage.

Level 3
The Level 3 Chemistry course develops the Level 2 course further, with the intention of providing an academic basis for university study. Familiarity with reaction chemistry remains core, particularly aspects that involve organic compounds and redox species, but the emphasis on the general  principles which govern how all chemicals behave is maintained. Students will explore scientifc techniques used in industrial and university settings as well as experience advanced chemical reactions involved in the production of synthetic products.

Chemistry with AHeadStart

“Thank you for the progress report for our daughter Helena. Connor is doing the most fantastic job as her tutor!
Helena has gone from failing in Chemistry to passing with Merit, and it is all down to Connor!
Last week Helena was given a letter of recognition from her school, that was awarded by her teachers, for outstanding effort in English, Mathematics with Statistics........and in Chemistry!!!!!!We have recommended 'AHeadStart' to a number of parents that are looking for help with their teenagers.The true miracle is that Helena, having grown in confidence, has decided to continue with Chemistry in Yr 13!
Thank you, once again, for employing Connor as a tutor at 'AHeadStart'.
Kind Regards, Rachel”

Helena’s mother Rachel,
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry


chemistry Resources


All of the following book resources can be purchased at leading bookshops or the following websites:

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Level 1
ESA Level 1 Chemistry Study Guide
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Level 2
ESA Level 2 Chemistry Study Guide
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Nelson Cengage New Zealand Pathfinder Series: Chemistry Year 12, NCEA Level 2
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Level 3
ESA Level 3 Chemistry Study Guide
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Nelson Cengage Chemistry for Level 3
Nelson Cengage Chem 3 NCEA Level 3 Workbook
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Continuing Chemistry

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NCEA Exam Downloads



ESA Year 11 Chemistry Study Guide, A Eames
AME Year 11 Chemistry Workbook, A Eames
Really Useful Resources NCEA Level 1 Chemistry Revision Guide

ESA Year 12 Chemistry Study Guide, S Boniface & T Bunn & M Sayes
AME Year 12 Chemistry Workbook, G Ward
Pearson Education Chemistry 12 Workbook & CD, A Wignall & T Wales
StudyPass NCEA Level 2 Chemistry Essential Course Information & Exam Revision Guide
Really Useful Resources NCEA Level 2 Chemistry Revision Guide

ESA Year 13 Chemistry Study Guide, D Barns-Graham & S Boniface & J Giffney
AME Year 13 Chemistry Workbook, J Anderson
AME Year 13 Scholarship Chemistry Workbook, J Giffney
Pearson Education Continuing Chemistry NCEA Level 3 Workbook & CD, A Wignall & T Wales
StudyPass NCEA Level 3 Chemistry Essential Course Information & Exam Revision Guide
Really Useful Resources NCEA Level 3 Chemistry Revision Guide